Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quilting is a one time thing (:

I made this quilt for my FCCLA competition. It took me 36 long hours and cost me a good amout but it was worth the time spend. I would like put send a special shout out to my assistant/best aunt ever Shannon Tobler for helping me make it. I competed at the area competion and got gold! I got 94 point out of 100! Then i went on to the state competition up in Layton. That didn't go to well. My judges loved it and they loved me(they kept saying that over and over). As i was waiting in the hall the room advisor came up to me and said she was sorry but they were going to have to deduct me a lot of points because suposidly i was supposed to put all my information on a poster and not in a portfolio. So i went form getting gold at area to getting broze at state(you get a broze if you at least show up). So whatever i guess me going to the happiest place on earth (disneyland) for nationals wasn't meant to be. At least i still get to keep this awesome quilt for the rest of my life!


Ginet said...

Love it!! Awesome job!

Bryan, Stacie, Claire, Mia and Buddy said...

It looks so great. I am excited to see it in person. I love you and I know you did your best. Don't count quilting out...I think it may be a talent of yours. (Hey I helped answer lots of your what about this favorite aunt? LOL)