Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quilting is a one time thing (:

I made this quilt for my FCCLA competition. It took me 36 long hours and cost me a good amout but it was worth the time spend. I would like put send a special shout out to my assistant/best aunt ever Shannon Tobler for helping me make it. I competed at the area competion and got gold! I got 94 point out of 100! Then i went on to the state competition up in Layton. That didn't go to well. My judges loved it and they loved me(they kept saying that over and over). As i was waiting in the hall the room advisor came up to me and said she was sorry but they were going to have to deduct me a lot of points because suposidly i was supposed to put all my information on a poster and not in a portfolio. So i went form getting gold at area to getting broze at state(you get a broze if you at least show up). So whatever i guess me going to the happiest place on earth (disneyland) for nationals wasn't meant to be. At least i still get to keep this awesome quilt for the rest of my life!

Friday, December 3, 2010

My Gingerbread Creation!

Well i tried to make this one but it just didn't turn out how i wanted it to.

So then i went for a more tropical relaxed look, and as you can guess that didn't turn out any better.

Then i decided to go for a more traditional look. I think i finally found my true calling in life! ha ha ha a girl can dream can't she (:

Festival of Trees

Alta High School FCCLA tree

This was my first year going to the festival of trees. I though it was really cool! These are just a few of my favorite trees that i saw!

Washington here we come!

This year for Thanksgiving we drove up to Washington to visit Stacie. It was definantly and adventure. We got stuck at a McDonald's in Tremonton for a few hours because the wind was blowing the snow around so much it was really hard to see while driving. It took us 13 hours to get to Nampa Idaho, the drive normally takes about 5 hours. On Thanksgiving morning I did the turkey trot, which is a 5k, with some of the family. I can't even explain how freezing it was. It took us all day to make the Thanksgiving dinner because no one was smart enough to put the turkey in before we went to the race. We did the whole black friday thing, not my favorite part. It was just so much fun watching the BYU v. Utah game in a house full of cougars when you are a Ute. It definantly felt good to have us win it! We were there to see baby Mia Pratt get blessed. On the way home we got "grounded", i guess you could say, in Nampa. The highway between Idaho and Utah was closed due to wheather conditions. It was a trip i would not really want to take again, well thats due mostly to the driving in the wheather. But i was fun to see most of the family all together.


I went to our Halloween dance at school with Tanner Jones. It was so much fun! We dressed up as vantrilaquist dolls. We did a video scavenger hunt for our day activity, went to kylee's house for dinner and then danced the night away at the school. After the dance we went to my friends house to watch a movie, we watched The Ring. IT SCARED ME FOR LIFE!!

Braxton Tyson and I went trick-or-treating! I still love it (: Braxton was a Hobo, Tyson was the grim reeper and i looked like a ice skater, well at least thats what i think. We carved pumpkins, and then went to get all the candy we could possible eat. We hit the JACKPOT at Nana's house! It was a fun Halloween overall!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


My t-shirt
Alisa & I

(sorry the pictures are so blurry my camera wouldn't focus with all the lights)

This concert was defiantly one of my top 10 best nights!! It was such a good concert! It was brad paisley, darius rucker, steel magnolia and three other guys but i dont remember their names. Darius Rucker wasn't as good as i expected but Brad was amazing! in the middle of the concert this guy just came up to me and handed me a piece of paper and said "go enjoy yourself, have a good time!" so i looked at it and it was a sixth row ticket! i was so excited and i wasn't about to waste this opportunity. so i went down there but i couldn't get clear down to the sixth row but i go down as far as i could. It was seriously hand down the best night i have had all year. Didn't get out of there and home till 2 AM but i was worth it!


So braxton is doing fall lacrosse this year. he really likes it! it is so much fun to watch him enjoy something that he has to himself. This isn't the best season for his team right now they are 0-4 i think but oh well he is just happy that he gets to play the entire game!